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## Motivation Description

We want to modify profiles during the run and it is required for SLE15, as we need to put at least url and regcode in the registration section for most of the scenarios.
At the moment, we use static profiles and only in scenarios with support server we expand some variables. However, this mechanism is not flexible enough and allows only static mapping.

With this ticket we should use functionality implemented here:

## Acceptance criteria

* **AC1:** *DONE* Adjust tests to use autoinst profiles as template and inject registration section according to the architecture and build number
* **AC2:** Try to reuse the templates we have for SLE12, but modifying them according to the version
* **AC3:** *DONE* Use {{variable}} syntax for variables in the template, as it's done for profiles in aytests repository

## Tasks

* use the same profile template and adjust them on-the-fly based on SLE version.