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 ## Situation First check if the Feature status is "done". 

 Currently, SLES support installation with root on raid (software raid 1), however this is limited for UEFI machines, where it seems very reasonable to have also "/boot/efi" on raid 1, thus preventing issues when disk on which "/boot/efi" currently resides fails. In order to work properly, this setup also needs creation of multiple entries in UEFI (using efibootmgr), thich would point to disks of which such raid device is created. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** A manual test has been conducted for SLE 15 as well as SLE 12 SP4 showing if a system with a UEFI boot partition on RAID is bootable or not 

 ## Tasks 
 * Manually test with a current build of SLE15 (including storage-ng) if a system is bootable from a degraded RAID with /boot/efi on RAID 
 * Do the same test for SLE12 SP4 
 * Update the bug report in [bsc#924487]( 
 * If possible automate the test