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Updated by riafarov over 4 years ago

As a product owner, I would like to have better test coverage for autoyast installations.

As part of [poo#20680]( we have taken a look on the autoyast profiles received from our customers. Some of functionality is already covered by existing tests, whereas we have identified main spots which are currently missing.
Here is the list of bugs: selection choices etc/hosts ldap, ca_mgmt files uefi ask feature autoinst RAID + pxe boot

And following features related to the storage:
## Automatic shrinking

When there is not enough space, AutoYaST used to take the bigest
partition and reduced it to make the layout fix. The approach is quite
rudimentary, but I guess we should implement something similar
(reducing all partitions but in a proportional way). I am not sure how
hard it could be, but I guess that playing with partitions weights
could work. IMHO this is, by far, the hardest feature to implement.

## Check partition_id conversions (

While fixing bsc#1071167[1], we found out that we would need to check
again the mapping between old partition_id numbers (used by old
libstorage) and new ones. Ancor has more information about what is

## Reused crypted devices

I am not sure if the old AutoYaST was able to reuse encrypted devices,
but we would need to check it and, if that's the case, implement such a

## Using an Existing Mount Table (fstab)

The old AutoYaST was able to get a fstab file and create partitioning
layout based on it. I've never seen any real profile using it.
Actually, I haven't tried it but...

## Thin provisioned LVM

It was not supported by libstorage-ng when we started the new
implementation. Now it is time to re-visit such a feature.

## Set partition_nr

The partition_nr is used in two different use cases: reusing partitions
(already implemented) and forcing a partition number. The latter is not
supported by parted, so libstorage-ng does not support it. We agreed to
drop this feature (it does not look useful to me after all). But I
guess we should mention it on release notes.

## Implement the disklabel property

disklabel is already supported. However, when not specified, AutoYaST
retains the old behaviour and uses 'msdos'. Making AutoYaST smart
enough to decide the best option (based on partition_id) looks like a
good idea.

## Acceptance criteria
* <**AC1:** Introduce tests covering certain features on production for SLE 15, SLE 12, openSUSE based on the list above
* <**AC2:** Analyze coverage and possibly add more profiles and add them as sub-tasks

## Tasks
* Create sub task for each profile
* Adjust profiles for SLE 15 concentrating mainly on the feature which is not covered
* Adjust profiles for SLE 12 concentrating mainly on the feature which is not covered
* Adjust profiles for openSUSE if feature is applicable there
* Create test suites on production to be able to execute automated installation