action #154261

Updated by okurz 3 months ago

## Motivation 
 As proposed by szarate from a personal discussion between okurz and szarate 2024-01-25: When reviewing SLE maintenance tests openQA test failures failing for the same reason can be encountered which one wants to comment or label with the same content. To make such feature easily accessible    it should be discoverable over the webUI. 

 ## Goals Acceptance criteria 
 * **G1:** **AC1:** The openQA webUI offers the possibility to filter all failed jobs involving a specified SLE maintenance incident 
 * **AC2:** openQA jobs as filtered on the webUI, webUI as explained in AC1, e.g. from on /tests or /tests/overview, can be commented with the same text in one action 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Consider filters like 
 * As we already have a filter box on /tests/overview it might be the easiest to add a batch-comment-field in there. Then write a comment on all jobs currently shown in the filtered list (make it obvious that it is not a comment search field though) 
 * As alternative consider something like selection boxes with possibility to select all, unselect all, select/unselect individuals 
 * Consider a confirmation dialog if more than N jobs would be commented 
 * Consider the audit log and a specific event for the batch action 
 * See related issues #120118 and #153928