action #28893

Updated by SLindoMansilla over 4 years ago

## Story

As an openQA test developer, I want to adapt the test suite **toolchain_zypper** to boot from a hdd with an already installed system, so I maintain retro compatibility between SLE 12-SP3, 12-SP4 and 15 with the same test suite.

## Acceptance criteria

- **AC:** **AC1:** The test suite **toolchain_zypper** boots from an existing installation for SLE 12-SP3, 12-SP4 and 15.

## Tasks

1. Clone the job for **create_hdd_textmode** from **SLE 12-SP3**, which was only done for _x86_64_, for _aarch64_ and _ppc64le_.
2. Make adaptions needed to **create_hdd_textmode** from **SLE 12-SP3** to be usable by _aarch64_, _ppc64le_ and _x86_64_ to work for SLE 12-SP3, 12-SP4 and 15. _x86_64_.