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## various ideas 
 * Use something like to interface with bugzilla and report on updates in product bugs -> #27844 
  * e.g. a bug is created with a reference to a failing openqa test: If the test passes, the bug can automatically be verified/resolved, if it was resolved, it can be reported if the test is still failing 
 * IRC bot with updates about test runs, e.g. if builds are finished -> #27847 
 * email notification -> #10672 
 * RSS feeds 
 * better feedback depending on observer roles 
 * tags and comments on anything, 
  * DONE: a tag "I will take care of this" for failing tests -> #10212 
  * DONE: references to reported bugs in failing tests -> #10212 
  * connections to OBS, e.g. SRs 

 ## further notes and references 

 * some ideas about obs and openqa notifications: