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## Observation

openQA test in scenario sle-15-Installer-DVD-x86_64-smt@64bit fails in first boot because the regurl points to "Server-*" which is invalid for SLE15 with all its modules, E.g. see the regurl in

## Reproducible

Fails every time reproducibly since the regurl is not pointing to a valid entry for SLE15.

## Expected result

Last good: [SLE 12 SP3 GM](

Actually we had a SLE15 job that proceeded further which is in build 280.1 before the rename "leanos" -> "installer" because we used the "workaround modules" added as custom repos during installation.

### Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** Test still works for SLE12 (e.g. SP3/SP4)
* **AC2:** Test is adapted for SLE15 or disregarded with proper reasoning

### Problem

The test suite specifies the SCC_URL which should only be set by the medium or within the test code itself as we do for SLE15 tests already correctly in products/sle/

### Suggestions

* Find out if SMT as a software is still supported to be run on SLE15 or only "for" SLE15 (1-4h)
* Adapt existing tests or don't trigger for SLE15 and only prepare for RMT (1-8h)

## Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: [latest](