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Updated by okurz over 4 years ago

## Problem

is that we have many machines for s390x, and if we publish qcow image, it uses same name, hence get overwritten by latest run which may mismatch child job run which uses this image because the creation job might only use "%ARCH%" but not "%MACHINE%" but the image is incompatible because of e.g. network settings. image.

For example, we create image on zkvm machine, then, before child job for zkvm was triggered, we have publish hdd created by x-kvm machine, which overwrites qcow image.
After that if we execute child job on zkvm, which uses that qcow image, we have conflict and unpredictable behavior.

## Acceptance criteria

* **AC1**: The use of incompatible media between zkvm and s390x-kvm is prevented

## Suggestions

* Other test suites already use "%MACHINE%" within the values of PUBLISH_HDD_1. IMHO the scenarios that don't use it yet should do the same. One should be able to use dump_templates and load_templates to easily rewrite these settings (0.5-1h)