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## acceptance criteria 

 - **AC1** [IBS]( provides a multi-module media (REPO or ISO). 
 - **AC2** This multi-module media have to be usable by an openQA test suite without registration (no SCC involved) 

 ## tasks 

 * find out where the all modules medium is provided on IBS and (1-4h) 
 * try it out manually (1-2h) 
 * adapt []( to also sync the medium and adds it as ISO to the openQA jobs (1-6h) 
 * adjust test code if necessary at all or just use ADDONS variable (0.5-2h) 
 * add a test suite (0.5-2h) 

 ## further details 

 The use of this medium is described on the yast feature: 

  - as described in [gh#yast-packager/pull/283]( 
  - on this step: [osd#1179308#step/addon_products_sle/1](