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Updated by leli 11 months ago

#### Motivation 
 Following the new [test matrix](, we need add lp,phub,nvidia module combination test suites to Migration daily and milestone job group, or do the movement from Migration milestone job group to daily job group. 

 The test need to be added as below: 
 migration daily job group( 
     * offline_sles15sp3_pscc_basesys-srv-ltss-lp_def_full@ppc64le 
     * offline_sles15sp3_pscc_basesys-srv-ltss_def_full@s390x-kvm (minimal role) 
     * offline_sles15sp3_media_basesys-srv-ltss-def_full@x86_64 (minamal role) 
     * offline_sles15sp3_pscc_basesys-srv-ltss-desk-phub_def_full@x86_64     

     * online_sles15sp3_pscc_basesys-srv-ltss-lp_def_full_zypp@s390x-kvm 
     * online_sles15sp3_pscc_basesys-srv-ltss-lp_def_full_zypp@x86_64 

 Migration milestone job group( 
     * offline_sles15sp3_rmt_basesys-srv-ltss-desk-nvidia_def_full@aarch64 
     * online_sles15sp3_pscc_basesys-srv-ltss-desk-nvidia_def_full_zdup@x86_64 

 Note: check the existing test suites to decide to add/modify test suites or move from milestone job group. 

 #### Acceptance criteria 
 **AC1**: Optimize test coverage for lp,phub,nvidia module combination from SLE 15 SP3. 
 **AC2**: Create support images via autoyast for the minimal role test. 
 **AC3**: The new test suites need to be triggered and file bug if new issue found.