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## User story
As a QA SLE functional openQA test reviewer I want to execute systemd testsuites against the systemd on each build for validation to find systemd-only related regressions early and be able to crosscheck with our system tests

## Acceptance criteria

* **AC1** the SUSE systemd testsuite is executed as part of build validation
* **AC2** The test have to work for SLE15 and Tumbleweed

## Tasks

* find the systemd test suite for openSUSE
* Repo:
* Built from:
should be either or , ask tsaupe
* create new test module that executes the systemd test suite
* create new test schedule ( that executes the installation of the testsuite and execution
* add this test suite to o3
* find the systemd test suite for SLE
* add this test suite to osd

## Further information

* Apply test to the systemd version included in the installation media (version after system installation).
* Install and execute the systemd-testsuite that matches the systemd version in the installation media.