coordination #129313

Updated by okurz 12 months ago

## Current situation shows an attempt to build a SUSE BCI based openQA container. So far dependencies can not be fully resolved. links the at least necessary dependencies from SUSE:Factory:Head and more dependencies are needed and can be deduced from the "unresolvable" messages. 

 ## Open Points shows currently 105 packages and still many dependencies missing for a full development environment. So I see the following open points: 
 1. We have multiple containers in the scope of openQA on* . What would be the benefit to submit to for containers that can already be pulled from a path like 
 2. What's the benefit to build based on SLE BCI instead of openSUSE Tumbleweed? 
 3. If we should continue with the approach as visible in, what is the way forward? Brute-force submit all those missing dependencies into SLE until all openQA derived packages can be built?