action #13914

Updated by okurz about 4 years ago

Test failed due to wait_serial does not get output. From serial0.txt, the ipmi session was already closed due to "excess errors received"

Failure step:

Build link:

Serial output link:

Key serial output errors:

[?[0;32m OK ?[0m] Started Serial Getty on ttyS1.

[?[0;32m OK ?[0m] Started Serial Getty on hvc0.

Starting X Display Manager...

[?[0;32m OK ?[0m] Started Getty on tty1.

[?[0;32m OK ?[0m] Reached target Login Prompts.

[?[0;32m OK ?[0m] Started /etc/init.d/after.local Compatibility.

[?[0;32m OK ?[0m] Started Load dom0 backend drivers.

Starting The Xen xenstore...

[SOL established]

[error received]: excess errors received

[closing the connection]