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Updated by leli 8 months ago

#### Motivation 
 Following the updated [test matrix]( (see draft redesign matrix), we need to create support images via autoyast with module combinations and default patterns on for SLES 12 SP5. 

 The steps: 
 1. Follow the test matrix to get the needed qcow list (for this ticket the row with for default patterns) 
 2. boot the base+default patterns image, register the system again with the corresponding combination and patched, then de-register system before publishing qcow. (we do it in this way to avoid handling too many autoyast profiles and its maintenance.) 

 Note: minimal qcow excluded from this ticket, it was already done in other ticket. 

 #### Acceptance criteria 
 **AC1**: Create support images with module combinations and default patterns on SLE 12 SP5. 
 **AC2**: Create/modify configuration for running corresponding migrations 

 #### Additional info 
   About the test name and qcow name please follow the [name document]( 
   [test matrix](