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## acceptance criteria 

 * **AC1** "we" as addon or module is tested for in both SLE12 as it was 
 **AC2** "we" well as addon or module is tested for SLE15 with new procedure, for details refer to PRD. 

 on osd 

 ## observation and 
 are incomplete and fail due to following error: 

 CACHE: Content has not changed, not downloading the /var/lib/openqa/cache/SLE-15-Leanos-DVD-x86_64-Build173.8-Media1.iso but updating last use 
 Downloading SLE-15-WE-DVD-x86_64-Build%BUILD_WE%-Media1.iso from 
 CACHE: Download of /var/lib/openqa/cache/SLE-15-WE-DVD-x86_64-Build%BUILD_WE%-Media1.iso failed with: 400 - Bad Request 

 when looking at "settings" there is no BUILD_WE variable set. 
 Checking previous runs, it was there, e.g