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## Motivation 
 For now the decision regarding SLE module or such is still pending but we can at least update package dependencies and packages that are already in SLE or packagehub so that openQA in Leap works in a current version without needing devel:openQA  

 #128651 shows, that we can ## Goal 
 * **G1:** All packages for current openQA+os-autoinst+dependencies are up-to-date or pending submit some of requests towards in the openQA/os-autoinst dependencies into Leap / SLE update repositories. We should plan next steps. corresponding product base repos 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Clean-up With a simple for-loop submit all packages inside devel:openQA:Leap:15.X project from + (or openSUSE:Factory accordingly) to SLE (following 
 * Handle not-accepted updates Make sure the source is openSUSE:Factory to improve chances requests will be accepted (devel:openQA could be seen as a list of relevant packages in that sense) 
 * Automatic submissions into openSUSE:Backports:SLE-15-SPx:Update (or SUSE:SLE-15-SPx:Update) React to comments/rejections in SRs accordingly 
 * List all unattended SRs, i.e. the ones that have open review but apparently after some day receive no update 
 * If you never worked with okurz suggests to use