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Updated by leli about 1 year ago

#### Motivation 
 After drop some minimal update test suites, for the reserved minimal update test suites we need update the installation process to make the test make sense for the test target. 

 We suggest to create the qcow through autoyast, refer to existing autoyast test [autoyast_offline_media_install+registration]( . 

 Below are the test suites need to create autoyast installation for minimal update on SLES12SP5: 

 migration daily job group( 
 * offline_sles12sp5_pscc_base_def_minimal@x86_64 offline_sles12sp5_pscc_base_all_minimal@x86_64 

 #### Acceptance criteria 
 **AC1**: Create autoyast installation without registration for minimal update qcow on SLES12SP5