action #130381

Updated by dheidler 6 months ago

## Motivation 
 Don't confuse the user by showing the last frame of the live view even after the VM was stopped. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** Clear user feedback is provided if no live view data is available 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Can we use a spinner maybe with a text message and maybe a less big frame than 1024x768 white box that is replaced when there is content? 
 * dheidler should look up from ancient page or git tutorial where the static replacement image is 
 * Look at the current java script code and the live view template page, compare to the spinner we have on the index page of openQA where we use "fa fa-circle-o-notch fa-spin fa-4x" in 
 * A good starting point might be the SSE EventSource endpoint sending the PNG frames to the client 
 * When the test is finished it might be the easiest if os-autoinst deletes or replaces the last png with something stating that the machine is shut down so that openQA automatically picks it up correctly 

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