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## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** There is a test scenario for SLE15 testing the registration using SUSEConnect against proxy-SCC 
 * **AC2:** Same as above but for SLE12 (e.g. SP3/SP4) 

 ## Situation 

 There is already a scenario and a job in test development [minimal+base+sdk+fakescc-postreg]( always failing. Who added this and what is the goal? 

 ## Tasks tasks 

 * provide goal for test scenario 
 * add description to test suite on 
 * make the test work 
 * refactor to not include all other not necessary steps, e.g. what about just booting an existing image, registering it and then do some stuff? The new test scenario "skip_registration" might be useful as a base by just configuring it to create an hdd image (see use of variable PUBLISH_HDD_1).