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## User story 


 openQA uses a flat `KEY=VALUE` structure for all of it's settings. This makes it sometimes cumbersome to find values and it is unhandy for longer lists. 
 ~~We We could improve this by introducing a simple hierarchy by grouping items with a simple dot (`.`). Similar settings could be grouped into a domain and represented in a tree view in the WebUI.~~ WebUI. 

 ~~This This would allow to group settings by domain, while remaining compatible with current setting handles (`get_var` and others). Functionally the only difference would be, that the WebUI would allow grouping of settings by domain.~~ domain. 

 ~~Example: Example: - We would rename all `PUBLIC_CLOUD_*` settings to `PUBLIC_CLOUD.*` and then the WebUI would group them together and allow to see all `PUBLIC_CLOUD` related settings in one domain within a tree view~~ 

 We could improve this by adding a search bar in the settings field that allows to filter settings by searching for them. 

 This would allow people to filter settings to the ones they are interested and hiding all others. view 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * ~~Group Group domains of settings in a tree view~~ 
 * Add a search bar to the settings tab view 

 ## Tasks 
 * ~~Implement Implement a tree view in the WebUI that groups all settings of the same domain~~ 
 * Implement a search bar in the settings tab domain 

 ## Further details 

 The separator is negotiable. A dot (`.`) appears natural to me, however other separators might have different advantages (e.g. `.` is not compatible with regex).