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## Motivation 

 The endpoint is `/influxdb/minion` - note that it is only accessible within the worker. 

 At the end of a download we measure the download rate and save it to the minion database. 
 When the influxdb route is called by telegraf, we report this value, even if it stays the same 
 because no new download happened meanwhile. 
 But the download rate is just measured at a certain point, so it would be more correct to add a timestamp 
 to the influxdb output, so it wouldn't record the same value for different timestamps. 
 It would also result in less data in the influxdb. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** The timestamp For that of the last update is included in each row 
 * **AC2:** InfluxDB does not take records if the data does not change anyways 
 * **AC3:** Graphs on Grafana are not impacted (e.g. no gaps) 

 ## Suggestions 
 - Make sure not to confuse the similarly named webui endpoint with this one, this feature is about the cache service running on workers 
 - Introduce course we need a new field in the database that saves the timestamp of the last update. 
 - Use the metrics sqlite storage from the cache service timestamp.