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Updated by okurz about 1 year ago

## Observation 
 While working on #126680 I triggered an openQA test in which I used the developer mode in the attempt to create a needle. I could enter the development mode and tried the checkbox "pause on failure" as well as "skip timeout" when the openQA test has reached a step where no needle match would be expected as the job uses icewm instead of gnome and we do not have needles for icewm yet. But no action was offered to go to the needle editor instead the job continued into the post_fail_hook evaluation. 

 ## Steps to reproduce 
 * Trigger openQA job on with a test that will fail a needle match, e.g. clone an openQA-in-openQA job with an HDD image that does not match the expected, likely even just `HDD_1=` will have the desired effect 
 * Open the developer mode and activate 
 * Click on "skip timeout" as soon as the test is in an `check_screen` or `assert_screen` call 
 * Observe that no needle editor option is provided 


 ## Expected result 

 ## Impact 
 I assume that the developer mode is actually not usable at all for dynamic needle creation for all use cases and on all openQA instances due to this but it might be o3 specific or it might be that I did not follow the expected flow.