coordination #23798

Updated by SLindoMansilla about 4 years ago

## Introduction

A test suite for systemd was created by tblume.
This test suite should be executed in openQA.

There is already a PR from tblume to [gh#os-autoinst-distri-opensuse/3364](
But the code should be improved so there is no check_version and a job setting for the repository url is used (see disccution here [gh#os-autoinst-distri-opensuse/3364#discussion_r130832000](

The reason to have it running on openQA is to be able to run the test suite on the different architechtures.
But it is necessary to have the results before reaching STAGING, to have feedback as soon as possible.

## Goals

- A dedicated repo in OBS should be used to build+package systemd and the test suite (QA_HEAD_REPO?)
- A dedicated openQA instance should be used to manage the test results (tblume instance?)

## Tasks

1. Investigate the possibility of installing the build systemd package into an existing qcow2 image.
- To avoid the step of generating the whole repository.
2. If 1. is not possible, use the network installation using the generated repo instead of the iso
- To avoid the step of generating an ISO.