action #125594

Updated by JERiveraMoya over 1 year ago

#### Motivation 
 There are many functions integrated in patch_sle which make it more and more complicated. 
 At least we can split it to registration, patching, de-registration, remove old repos, remove dropped modules etc. 
 1. Registration: we need register base system and select modules and extensions before update. 
 2. Patching: install the patches for update system to latest. 
 3. De-registration:  
    For offline media migration test, we need de-register system to simulate user to upgrade via DVD. 
    For offline ProxySCC migration test, this will skip. 
 4. Remove old repos: There are some old repos left from installation, we need clean them. 
 5. Remove dropped modules: Some modules dropped on target system, so we need remove them before migration. 

 #### Acceptance criteria 
 **AC1**: Split patch_sle into several test modules 
 **AC2**: No other refactor or change of codes are applied (just focus on splitting functionality, later we will tackle some specific parts). 

 #### Suggestions 
 Tackle some simple migration and replace those module in single scenario. We might need several iteration of this about how to split in a more readable way.