action #98955

Updated by JERiveraMoya over 1 year ago

We can unschedule test module resolve_dependency_issues in YaST group due to dependency issues should not reach the GA product. 
 In staging, of course are still visible, for example: ~~ (please, see note below). 

 Current logic does the following: 
 (1) Check in Installation Settings the message of needed manual intervention, click on Software link and shows dialog with name of the package conflict and the options for conflicts resolution. 
 (2) Via settings, choose workaround the dependency or break it. 

 Additional to unschedule this module in YaST group, for staging we can develop (1) using client libyui-rest-api, so we check the red message in Installation Settings and if detected, navigate to Software and view the specific issue, so we don't miss this logic which helps reviewing staging (from the other screen is not visible exact problem). 

 Note: we need some recent run in staging to work with this ticket where this problem is visible, so the person assigned to this ticket should monitor staging now and then to do this development when it is possible. 
 Another option is to check for the failure in Migration job group, there it also happens now and then and this could allow us having a draft, as setting libyui-rest-api would make us acquire the corresponding json with the ids to do our Page Object Model. 
 Example in Migration: