coordination #125363

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## Ideas 
 * #125444 Define a template for SUSE SD Eng-Infra to improve our communication, to communicate impact, steps to reproduce, acceptance criteria 
  * Back-reference ticket template so that improvements to the template can be suggested 
  * Suggest to comment in progress ticket which can be shared with more people by default and helps to communicate and we can edit texts and know who is assigned 
 * #125447 Clarify to Eng-Infra that SD tickets have flaws 
  * We don't know who sees the ticket 
  * We can't share it with all SUSE, why not have an @all group? 
  * We often don't know if anyone plans to work on it or not 
  * We don't know other tickets and their priority 
 * #125450 Apparently in many cases rwawrig can help best with issues spanning over multiple locations, e.g. firewall between NUE1 and NUE2, like in but the timezones diff is an obstacle. Give more people like SUSE QE Tools access to firewalls, even if it's just read-only for investigation?