action #125276

Updated by mkittler about 1 year ago

## Motivation 
 We have been getting reports of jobs with "cache service full" having to be manually restarted, which is causing quite a bit of work for some people. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** Users don't see incomplete jobs with "cache service full" on their build status page, e.g. jobs are automatically restarted 

 ## Acceptance tests 
 * **AC1:** Redo queries from #125276#note-3 to see that all "cache service full" jobs have been cloned and none had to be cloned by users 

 ## Suggestion 
 * Make error of automatic invocation of `auto_duplicate` somewhere visible, e.g. by doing the restart within a Minion job (which then might fail and has the error message) 
 * Fix the actual issue of restarting once it could be pinned down 
 * Make sure the new Minion jobs don't fail later in production once this problem has been resolved