action #125252

Updated by syrianidou_sofia 7 months ago

The old module openldap_to389ds was working for opensuse : 
 but failing for sle because we cannot install the openldap2 package in the systsem: 
 It was decided that we will split the openldap_to_389ds module in two, so that the configuration files will be saved before migration, and after migration, the openldap_to_ds command will be used to convert the existing openldap configuration to 389-ds.  


 Now, O3 still passes, but we have a new error in SLE: 
 (Note: in the vr, the openldap_configuration was named setup_openldap) [setup_openldap]( 

 Check if some of the required packages are not installed and change the module accordingly, so it can pass. In case there are new failures open a new progress ticket.