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Too often, we need to either trigger multiple jobs to know if an intermittent test failure is gone or to try and catch a sporadic product bug or an issue somewhere in the infrastructure, so the story would go like this: 

 * As a developer, I would like the openQA client to trigger a list of jobs N times so I can catch a flaky testcase or reproduce a sporadic issue that doesn't affect other builds or JobGroups. 

 I'm looking for an extension of the [openQA Client code]( (of course team can propose other solutions), but knowing how to extend the openQA Client will allow us to do even more in the future to support other squads 

 #### Acceptance Criteria 

 1. Solution is documented in in a Section dedicated to statistical investigation 
 1. Solution is packaged and distributed with openQA-client 

 #### Notes 

 See and [Oliver's]( comment