action #122911

Updated by JERiveraMoya over 1 year ago

#### Motivation 
 Reuse existing work with recently did for kdump in ALP #111016 
 One of the possible task here will be to avoid create two different test because the opening of the test is different. In this ticket we will deal with the opening of the test for ALP and non-ALP in a transparent way for the Test Layer. 
 Another point is that there is an additional popup before the reboot popup (that we can see in other products) so most likely we will need to create a new test module, as we need to accept a different popup about the filesystem not mounted and if the use wants to continue or abort, where we proceed pressing "Continue". The reboot popup goes right after. 

 #### Acceptance criteria 
 **AC1**: Enable kdump with YaST module in container 
 **AC2**: Ensure the content of the popup is what we expected (not only press ok/continue) 
 **AC3**: Validate the service is enabled via command line 

 #### Additional information 
 We might need to soft-fail here until this is fixed: