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Updated by okurz almost 5 years ago

## Current status **Status in now:**
if you want run a job in openQA, you need use client script to start up a job in the backend of openqa webui. it is very trouble to switch webui and backend.

## want

to change change:**
can be add a start button after each job test in job group, in order to easy run a job. and also can be added a start all jobs button on the top.

## further more

**further more:**

I realized there is much more test cases in job group, and much more archs. so I think it will be had a filter to choose which jobs can be run. and a button which can be started those selected jobs.

## two

parameters need concern concern:**
that are ISO and BUILD, because there is no such parameters in job group, if we want run every build in openQA, how to handle the new build , old build and milestone build.