coordination #122665

Updated by okurz over 1 year ago

## Motivation 
 Our PowerVM backends in particular is important for tests but limited in features and relying on network connections more than then the local-only qemu backend. So we should extend and improve both our pvm_hmc backend as well as improve tests. In multiple cases likely we can also improve just with better error reporting, e.g. when network connections are involved to know which component tries to connect to where and why. 

 ## Ideas 
 1. Extend pvm_hmc backend with features, e.g. image loading 
 1. Improve error reporting in case of network problems, e.g. when connections time out. Also see #122539, #122650 
 1. Improve openQA test code in os-autoinst-distri-opensuse where network connections are involved, e.g. 
   1. retry in boot_from_pxe 
   1. better error reporting in boot_from_pxe on network related problems 
   1. Consider moving more functionality, e.g. from boot_from_pxe, into os-autoinst. "system provisioning" could be better provided in os-autoinst