action #122146

Updated by JERiveraMoya 5 months ago

For Product validation SLE 15 SP5, al openQA job running All our libyui graphical installation YaST tests for svirt-xen-pv cannot run in graphical mode architecture [fail]( at setup_libyui module since build 52.4.
With previous builds still works.
Several things were tested in this bug
build#52.4. Last good build#50.1

There is a [bug#1206013]( for the problem
but QE Virtualization expertice will be needed is currently closed as INVALID.

We should investigate the issue furtherly
to continue figuring out what it determine weather the issue is indeed a bug and collect more data for the root cause as developers to work on. In case we determine that the bug was marked as invalid.
issue relies on openQA, we should either create a detailed ticket for tools team or create a ticket for our team to develop a workaround for the particular architecture.