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#### Motivation 
 Kernel The qe-kernel squad would like to have similar has need of an AutoYaST installation test suites [sequence]( in Tumbleweed that what they use for SLE to run later s390x z/VM on LTP tests. opensuse Tumbleweed. (more info on [slack thread]( 
 In SLE is used [create_hdd_minimal_base]( 
  - Module selected: base, desktop, development, server 
  - guided partitioning: no separate home 
  - system role: gnome (shouldn't This testsuite would be better run as a proof of concept, to select textmode?) 
  - pattern: base and minimal 
  - Major Linux security: none 
  - disable grub timeout 

 But this is s390x kvm, and in openSUSE there is only support for z/VM. 
 Therefore Yam squad could provide similar auto-installation than for SLE but for this backend be used as Kernel squad needs something that template by them, to run fast, because there    further tests after installation is not booting snapshots for z/VM so any LTP test needs to run first the installation. done (LTP tests and others). 

 Starting point could be to convert in AutoYaST this interactive installation: 
  - disk activation 
  - system role: server 
  - patterns: it could be more minimal comparing with the job above 
  - disable grub timeout 

 #### Scope 
 A new autoyast installation testsuite is to be created in []( 
 Currently we run there a [guided installation]( which takes around 42 mins. 
 Products: opensuse Tumbleweed 
 Architectures: s390x with backend s390x (which just means z/VM, the only supported backend for s390x in o3 right now) 

 #### Acceptance criteria 
 **AC1**: Create auto-installation for Tumbleweed New AutoYaST installation test suite is created in s390x zVM 
 **AC2**: File a bug if any is found o3 for AutoYaST cloning or service order after booting to YaST 
 **AC3**: Investigate and file a infrastructure bug if found 
 **AC4**: if some blocker is found, consider as last option using libyui-rest-api, which is also fast (but not ideal to have interactive installation) TW on s390x. 

 #### Additional information Suggestions 
 afir there was some issues with z/VM when booting but Try to reuse knowledge from autoyast testsuites we will see what is the state. This is completely new area where to enable AutoYaST. run on osd (eg