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Updated by JERiveraMoya about 1 year ago

#### Motivation 
 Yam squad would like to encourage squad members other than Project Owner and Scrum Master to perform code review (Pull Requests/Merge Requests) and avoid potential bottle neck when single person does most of the review. 
 At the same time the review process should not be shallow and keep going in depth as it is now to keep the code as maintainable as possible. Initial suggestion indicates that it could be an iterative process when the PO initially could detect some design issues and then the squad would take over, iterating over PO as needed. The process should also avoid to bottle-neck on Scrum Master as well. 

 #### Acceptance criteria 
 **AC1**: Create a draft for code review proposal in Yam space in Confluence that encourage squad collaboration 
 **AC2**: Agreed with squad members about the proposal