action #120444

Updated by JERiveraMoya 4 months ago

#### Motivation
We should try to stick to the current configuration of the HA jobs, they should look the same, in the future we might figure out why some particular things are done in a way, but for now we can focus on matching the existing job behaviors. Things that we noticed:
- (1) Fix AutoYaST profiles to target multi-user instead of graphical, but it doesn't matter even if we write wrong the profile that the product takes precedence and use multi-user, but worth the fix to avoid confusion:

(2) We are running HA migration in qt, instead of the original job that was doing in textmode: which is due to missing settings. In grub we should set the right video source.
- (3) Additionally license agreement is not shown for some addons but it is probably just wrong configuration, just comparing `SCC_ADDONS` on similar job for older product in HA job group:, we might just need 'ha' instead of `base,serverapp,ha`

### Acceptance criteria
**AC1**: Fix wrong configuration for HA migrations

### Additional information
See #120106 for the mapping