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## Observation 
 Reported in 
 > Hi. I have observed a reproducible problem today with vs. . When I join with the Android Jitsi App (22.5.1) from my Smartphone on I can not reliably hear participants and they can not reliably hear me. Reconnecting helps in some but not all cases. The same problem does not appear with I suspect that runs a more recent Jitsi server version and hence is not showing this problem. Can you confirm that runs an older version than If yes, what are the plans to update? 

 ## Impact is not usable when participants want to join our usual SUSE QE Tools meetings from phone 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Report problem with to according administrators and await their reaction regarding server version and potential upgrade 
 * Install an older version on Android (e.g. F-Droid normally has older versions selectable) 

 ## Workaround 
 Use, in particular for SUSE QE tools meetings