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#### Motivation 
 Kdump is not a dependency of yast2-kdump module in SLE15-SP5 and is no longer installed when yast2-kdump is installed. 
 This behavior is intended as can be seen in [bsc#1202535]( and is a feature, not a bug. 
 However this may be the cause of failures on our yast2_kdump testsuite, which need to be investigated (they are differ by architecture). 
 * aarch64 and x86_64: both fail because kdumptool is not available, which makes sense since kdump has not been installed. Even when installing kdump however, the testsuites fail because no crashkernel arguments have been added in grub config. 
 * ppc64le : test does not catch the expected restart popup 
 * s390x : code execution finished too early 

 #### Scope SLE15-SP5 [yast2_ncurses_textmode testsuite](  
 The `ppc64le-spvm` is hit by a libyui bug (bsc#1202575) but the rest architectures failures are within scope.  

 #### Acceptance criteria 
 **AC1**: Setup properly Investigate the kdump installing only for SLE-15-SP5 necessary tools failures in aarch64, ppc64le, s390x and fix sync issues with reboot screen. x86_64 
 **AC2**: File found bugs if any. 

 #### Suggestions #### Determine manually whether kdump can be setup correctly in these architectures, otherwise file bug 
 When fixing sync issues, please take a look **AC3**: Create new progress ticket to Kernel squad where this module is used for real, doing a real kdump, not just configuring it. 
 Perhaps we need to install development module, this test suite is still linked to Functional job group to an interactive installation, we should aim to have a textmode installation with development module included address the changes needed in `yast2_kdump` providing the future. manual steps from `AC2` as guidance