action #112805

Updated by JERiveraMoya 11 months ago

#### Motivation
See Epic/parent ticket: #112115
We should count as well with a textmode installation in openQA job group YaST MU.
See all products in maintenance where [qam-textmode+sle15]( is and [qam-textmode]( are scheduled.

This test suite schedule a banch of test module post-installation which we are not interested, our goal is to validate the installation in a simple way. We will be creating a copy of this test suite giving it another name in our job group, without including those post-installation test modules and leaving the task converting to AutoYaST this installation for the Core squad.

#### Acceptance criteria
**AC1**: Create a copy of qam-textmode+sle15 qam-textmode/qam-textmode+sle15 in YaST MU openQA job group without the test modules post-installation.