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## Observation 

 Most upgrade tests no longer shut down in the timeout window, but reach it delayed. 

 We should identify the reason for it and file the relevant product bugs (possibly more than one) 

 This ticket serves as tracker to identify the issues and then direct resources as appropriate 

 openQA test in scenario opensuse-Tumbleweed-NET-x86_64-zdup-Leap-15.3-kde@64bit fails in 

 ## Test suite description 

 ## Reproducible 

 Fails since (at least) Build [20220614]( (current job) 

 ## Expected result 

 Last good: [20220613]( (or more recent) 

 ## Further details 

 Always latest result in this scenario: [latest]( 

 ## Acceptance Criteria 

 1. Identify possible reasons for the shutdown taking long time and document them on this ticket 
 1. Create follow-up tickets (when needed) to mitigate the issue on different backends