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Updated by okurz about 2 years ago

## Motivation 

 As we will use Leap 15.4 as CI container base in os-autoinst and openQA so far already AFAIK we should also run the according OBS checks on Leap 15.4 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 - **AC1**: OBS checks run on pull requests for both os-autoinst and openQA test on Leap 15.4 

 ## Suggestions 
 - Find out where this is configured and update to use Leap 15.4 both for os-autoinst and openQA, see 
 just update or maybe even extend to have 15.3+15.4. If it's easier just replace the version. If it's possible test both 
 - Verify that it works, e.g. by opening a pull request for both os-autoinst and openQA