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## Motivation 

 This is a multi-machine test. A server is booted, then a client interacts with the server using vncviewer (tigervnc) 

 At the role selection, the test is supposed to find the area where to click to select GNOME - this seems to work, but the GNOME desktop role does not get selected, resulting in the test failing. 

 openQA test in scenario opensuse-Tumbleweed-DVD-x86_64-remote_vnc_controller@64bit fails in 

 Also to have this fixed will help to move forward this: 

 ### Acceptance criteria 
 **AC1**: Workaround the system role selection 
 **AC2**: Workaround shouldn't appear in products where the problem is not present. 

 ### Suggestions 
 A retry should help, we should avoid to wait time when there is not re-draw issue.