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Updated by okurz about 2 years ago

## Observation 

 in live view developer mode fails and reports fail every 2 sec 

 from browser javascript console: 
 Establishing ws connection to wss:// 
 Received message via ws proxy: {"data":null,"type":"info","what":"connecting to os-autoinst command server at ws:\/\/\/OX0bG6w17OkxmWt_\/ws"} 
 Received message via ws proxy: {"data":null,"type":"error","what":"unable to upgrade ws to command server"} 
 Error from ws proxy: unable to upgrade ws to command server 
 Connection to livehandler lost 

 the connection between osd and workers works without problems and IP address of worker is also correct 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** Developer mode on works reliably as part of the productive OSD infrastructure 

 ## Suggestions 
 - Follow 
 - *not* likely related to known issues with network performance