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Updated by okurz about 2 years ago

Investigation jobs run because of the lack of automatic takeover 

 ## Observation Motivation 

 Several investigations jobs were scheduled for a test which was known to fail because of a particular issue: 

 The "Next & Previous" jobs show that an issue was linked before. 

 In general label carry over still works, e.g. find the first flash or bug icon on ending up (at time of writing) showing a carried over progress ticket reference 
 * okurz checked the audit log, only "job_create" events are mentioned on for the job id 8733778 

 The takeover from to simply did not happen because    the set of failed modules did not match (check_registercloudguest and instance_overview vs. check_registercloudguest and patch_and_reboot). It also did not match for any further failed jobs. 

 ## Suggestions 
 - Investigate this quickly while the logs are fresh and hot 
 - The bug reference from the existing job wasn't taken over 
 - ~~Comments were only counted as comments~~