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Updated by okurz 3 months ago

Comment about intermittent/sporadic test issues on original job if openqa-investigate retry job passes

## User story
When a job fails, we will investigate the job by triggering new job with different conditions, such as rerun, re-run with last good build, or last commit in the test distribution.
If a retry job passes, the original job may be a intermittent/sporadic case.
We should provide that assessment as a comment back on the original job.

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** If an openqa-investigate retry job passes a comment is created on the original job with the assessment that the issue is intermittent or a sporadic test issue

## Suggestions
* Take a look how we identify likely sporadic issues as a result of *failed* "retry" jobs in
* Extend to react according on *passed* retry
* Ensure that hook scripts in act as one should expect when called on *passed* jobs
* Use
* Alternative:
Extend o3 config to also run job_done_hooks on passed jobs and monitor performance impact
* Same on osd as on o3