coordination #105073

Updated by JERiveraMoya over 2 years ago

Currently the logging in openQA is a often chaotic, sometimes redundant, sometimes some things are missing. We should try to make logging more consistent. 

 AC1: Identify useless, redundant, or in the contrary, missing log collections for each module in Yast group. 
 ~~AC2: Evaluate a way to snapshot and upload the entire system at the point of failure, that could be bootable as VM.~~ covered cover by setting FORCE_PUBLISH_HDD_$i 
 AC3: Evaluate more simple and consistent ways to collect logs, such as using supportconfig, journalctl, making a tarball of the entire /var/log directory etc... 
 AC4: Write a parent post_fail_hook that would take into account all the points above, and make sure it is called by default in every module for Yast group, where usable.