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Updated by tjyrinki_suse over 1 year ago

We test some packages indirectly as part of other packages' test. The template generator ( Update Squad uses does not detect these cases, and does not then tell the update tester there's automatic openQA regression testing. 

 For example, webkit is used in evolution - if there have been maintenance updates of webkit, was the manual testing more complex than what the evolution automatic test case would be, or not? If the evolution test tests webkit to an enough extent, webkit could be marked as automatically regression tested, and manual testing would no longer be required. 

 ## Acceptance Criteria 

 AC1: Identify what packages we are regression testing indirectly, and via which tests, check decide if it's "sufficient" for regression testing of that package: sufficient package. Sufficient means at least similar level as in manual testing done in case of updates, see database for how the packages was teded manually. 
 AC2: Mark sufficiently indirectly regression tested packages as automatically tested. This can be done, in the current way, with an entry at PES wiki page ( - the template generator parses that page to know if there has been automatic regression testing. Add a separate header for indirectly tested packages.