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Updated by szarate over 2 years ago

Ideally we'd have some resources that aren't SUSE Specific, which in return can be shared with the community, and a section that is only available to SUSE Employees: 

 * Single point of reference for openQA documentation 
 * * Debugging non qemu backends in os-autoinst 
   * Troubleshooting. 
 * Single point of reference for openQA Training videos 
 * Single point of reference for openQA contact points 
 * Perl resources 
 * Linux training material 

 For the specific processes we have SUSE specific side of things, but these also match in to a degree to their openSUSE counterparts 
 * How new products are scheduled (Where do they come from) 
 * How to add new tests to staging area 
 * How maintenance updates work in relation with openQA 

 This would reduce the burden on teams to train a new hire (Or somebody comming from the exchange program) to use openQA, and ideally improved/updated over time, that bridge can be crossed once we get there. 

 *Single point in this case means or an `awesome-openqa` repository on github that should be mentioned in*