action #98577

Updated by cdywan 6 months ago

## Observation

- For instance has `"ARRAY(0x55bb116ac3a0)" : "SLE-15-SP3-Full-x86_64-GM-Media1.iso"` which is repeated and assigned correctly on `ISO`.
- Another one on publiccloud has `"ARRAY(0x55b5694714b8)" : "publiccloud_15sp3_Azure_BYOS_Updates.qcow2"` which is what `HDD_1` represents.

i havent noticed any destruction or impact on the test so far but i havent also found where this comes from.

## Acceptance criteria

- **AC1**: No variables based on stringified array types present in job settings

## Suggestions
- Add unit test validating variable names (assuming this is a bug in openQA or os-autoinst)
- Mark Incomplete jobs with variable names containing `(` as incomplete (assuming this is a bug in another tool)