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## Observation 


 - 7219499 
 attempts: 1 
 children: [] 
 created: 2021-12-16T18:47:41.3699Z 
 delayed: 2021-12-17T00:09:01.26733Z 
 expires: 2021-12-18T18:47:41.3699Z 
 finished: 2021-12-17T00:09:02.89443Z 
 id: 3630519 
 lax: 0 
   gru_id: 30744450 
 parents: [] 
 priority: 0 
 queue: default 
 result: | 
   Unable to copy '/var/lib/openqa/testresults/07219/07219499-sle-15-SP4-Online-x86_64-Build39.1-wayland-desktopapps-gnome@64bit-virtio-vga' to '/var/lib/openqa/archive/testresults/07219/07219499-sle-15-SP4-Online-x86_64-Build39.1-wayland-desktopapps-gnome@64bit-virtio-vga': File exists at /usr/share/openqa/script/../lib/OpenQA/Schema/Result/ line 270. 
 retried: 2021-12-17T00:08:01.26733Z 
 retries: 308 
 started: 2021-12-17T00:09:02.73895Z 
 state: failed 
 task: archive_job_results 
 time: 2021-12-17T07:20:16.09821Z 
 worker: 588 

 The source code line reported is , context: 

     my $archived_result_dir = $self->add_result_dir_prefix($self->remove_result_dir_prefix($normal_result_dir), 1); 
     if (!File::Copy::Recursive::dircopy($normal_result_dir, $archived_result_dir)) { 
         my $error = $!; 
         File::Path::rmtree($archived_result_dir);      # avoid leftovers 
 -->       die "Unable to copy '$normal_result_dir' to '$archived_result_dir': $error"; 

 The directory /var/lib/openqa/testresults/07219/07219499-sle-15-SP4-Online-x86_64-Build39.1-wayland-desktopapps-gnome@64bit-virtio-vga/ still exists and has what looks like valid content. The directory /var/lib/openqa/archive/testresults/07219/ exists and currently has four other folders, but no folder for 07219499 

 ## Steps to reproduce 

 for more similar errors 

 ## Suggestions 
 - Investigate why the archive already exists - maybe the previous archive failed but wasn't removed 
 - Remove any left-overs / override existing files 
 - Maybe the job was cancelled and re-run? 
 - Document why the job failed so we understand it better 
 - Maybe a good task to learn about the archiving code